Practical Unix

NOTE: Weekly lab sessions start Week 2 and end Week 7. You may attend either lab session per week as they both cover the same material. 

Autumn 2019 labs will be on Monday and Wednesday from 8.30AM to 10.20AM in Building 530 Room 127

*You need to attend a minimum of 50 minutes of lab per week. The day/time you attend lab is at your discretion.*

Although we strongly encourage attendance, if you are not able to attend the labs in person, you may also take the class remotely and email Sofia or Erin your attempted lab solutions each week. *Note "attempted" - the labs are graded on effort, not perfection :)*. 

Practical Unix is a practical introduction to using the Unix set of operating systems with a focus on Linux command line skills.

The course has videos to introduce some commands and how to use them generally and lab exercises to solidify understanding and go beyond the material in the videos. Much of dealing with the command line involves knowing how to best use Google and manual pages to figure things out, so these lab exercises won't tell you how to do everything.

Topics include: grep and regular expressions, shells and ZSH, Vim and Emacs, basic and advanced GDB features, permissions, working with the file system, revision control, Unix utilities, environment customization, and using Python for shell scripts. Topics may be added over time.

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